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Learning Commons in Canada

A Treasure Mountain Big Think

Treasure Mountain Canada

For those who could not attend the research retreat Treasure Mountain Canada (which is a collaborative event that is true to the Learning Commons mindset!), held in Edmonton, Canada, June 2-3, visit Twitter line http://www.twapperkeeper.com/hashtag/tmcanada [2]; a flashy visual capture is available at http://visibletweets.com/#query=%23tmcanada&animation=3 [3]; and blog postings at http://tmcanada.blogspot.com/ [4]. Also take a look at the wiki, especially the Collaborative Workspaces and the Big Think at http://tmcanada.pbworks.com/BIG-THINK [5]. The sections “TMC Synthesis” and “What Next?” offers some direction for school-based and association-based considerations. Talk them over with your colleagues. We would love to hear from you some thoughts about how to bring the Learning Commons practices to your libraries.

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