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Teacher Librarian: The Journal for School Library Professionals is one of the leading journals designed specifically for librarians working with K-12 students as well as with their colleagues teaching in the classroom and administrators. The name Teacher Librarian reflects the journal’s focus on the essential role of the school librarian, or “teacher-librarian,” as educator, a partner and collaborator with classroom teachers, school administrators, and others. This philosophy is advocated for and adopted by a large and growing number of the most successful and influential school library professionals in the United States and internationally. Unlike many of the many school library journals, Teacher Librarian is far more than just book and media reviews. It publishes several major articles in each issue which deal with major topics of current interest as well as articles addressing the very foundation of teacher-librarianship.

Regular sections include:

* App and website reviews

* Columns addressing advocacy, technology in the classroom, PC issues, and many more

* Reviews of education and library-related professional materials

* Strategies to help you better manage library resources

* Articles to keep you up-to-date on the latest in information technology

* The best new books for children and young adults, non-fiction, videos, and computer software

* Internet resources grouped by theme to spark your imagination

* Infographic centerfold poster suitable for display

…and more!

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