Supporting the Literacy Needs of African American Transitional Readers

Among the different groups of readers that elementary teacher-librarians serve, one of the most important to support are transitional readers. These are the students who are “making the transition from early readers to independent, self-regulating readers” (Szymusiak et al., 2008,... (Continue reading)

New Learning Commons Titles

Teacher Librarian Press The latest offering of the new publishing company Teacher Librarian Press, Learning Commons Treasury (2010) recognizes the direction of the work of school libraries. A collection of articles that appeared in the journal, the writings in this... (Continue reading)

Turning the Page

Check out to find the call for conference proposals for AASL Minneapolis  Conference coming in October 2011.  The theme is “Turning the Page” and fits the Learning Commons concept perfectly.  Deadline for submitting concurrent conference proposals is Monday, November... (Continue reading)

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Learning Commons in Canada

A Treasure Mountain Big Think Treasure Mountain Canada For those who could not attend the research retreat Treasure Mountain Canada (which is a collaborative event that is true to the Learning Commons mindset!), held in Edmonton, Canada, June 2-3, visit... (Continue reading)