Teacher Librarian: The Journal for School Library Professionals is one of the leading journals designed specifically for librarians working with K-12 students, classroom colleagues and administrators. The name Teacher Librarian reflects the journal’s focus on the essential role of the school librarian, or “teacher-librarian,” as educator, a partner and collaborator with classroom teachers, school administrators, and others. This philosophy is advocated for and adopted by a large and growing number of the most successful and influential school library professionals in the United States and internationally.

TL does not regularly have topic-specific issues. Our readers have told us they prefer to have articles on a broad range of subjects in each issue. Among the most popular and important topics regularly covered are: learning commons, digital and multiple literacies, reading, professional collaboration, professional development, teaching and curriculum ideas, and makerspaces. This list it is meant to be representational of topics covered in Teacher Librarian but not exclusive.

If you would like to submit a proposal or article for publication, please follow the author guidelines and send the submission to the editors, Deb Levitov ( or Christie Kaaland (

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